Mirjam Stein

Your Mindful Coach, Mindfulness Trainer & Mental Health First Aid Expert for stronger wellbeing; a stronger YOU!

Mirjam Stein

Your Mindful Coach, Mindfulness Trainer and Mental Health First Aid Expert for stronger wellbeing; a stronger YOU!

Your Mindful

Calibrate your compass in life by focussing on your dreams & goals

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Ahoy! Great that you found me!

Are you facing some stiff headwinds, barely allowing you to breathe? Does it feel the easiest to just giving up and letting all sink to the seabed? Deep in trouble? Waves to high? The echo sounder does not stop warning from shallow waters. It feels like endlessly waiting for the one wave washing all challenges away.

Storms dissipate. Without course correction, it may also happen to your dreams & goals. A ship is not designed to only anchor in safe harbors. Just as giving up dreams and goals due to anticipated safety. Do not let that happen! Get yourself or your crew on track.

As an entrepreneur and leader you may want to start with yourself and explore new routes, give yourself time to pause and take a closer look. You may also want to take your crew (your team) with you on your journey, to find and define your unique sea route. Maybe it is time to tackle new adventures.

I promise, this will not require a lot! The main goal is to be prepared and navigate through shallow waters by calibrating your unique compass.

It takes trust and courage! The same trust and courage Explorers like Ida Pfeiffer and Christoph Columbus had while crossing oceans. Instead of taking conventional routes to meet expectations, there were the first woman travelling the world and the first human being discovering the Americas.

It is my heartfelt desire to assist you as a navigator, offering you the tools that systemic and mindfulness-based coaching and training have to offer, combined with insights around mental health. This is backed up by many years of professional work experiences in leadership positions gained in medium-sized and large corporations.

Always remember, even the biggest journey starts with the first step, which is you taking action!

If you appreciate that my experience would be a good fit to support your and your team’s goal achievements, I would be very pleased if you contact me for

1:1 Mindful Coaching
Mindful Team Workshop & Coaching
Mindfulness Workshop & Training
ensa Mental Health First Aid Training

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If unsure what fits best, write me an e-mail.